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Ever wonder what it would take to remove and teardown a Porsche 986 engine?  Who doesn't?   It took me about a month to get my nerve up while reading and researching as much as I could about these engines, and as I have no formal training, I’m sure those with the trained eye may see some things that make their hair stand on end, so I will apologize now.

I’ve pulled apart a typical Chevy V6 before, and I will tell you now, in comparison, the Porsche M96 engines are not to be taken lightly.  They have a whole set of their own rules and tolerances.  Not to mention a trunk load of special tools.  Evil Germans.

Two important things...

1.)  If you don't already own a copy of the Bentley Service Manual, go get one.

2.)  Visit, become a member, and read as much as you can while also contributing everything you learn.  Many, many thanks to those on that site who answered my questions.


Engine Dropping 101

It all started on the way home when the drivers side of the engine had no power and plenty of backfiring.

What follows is a documentation of a 1998 Porsche 986 engine removal and teardown.

Removing the EnginePics/Pages/Engine_Removal.html
Disassembling the EnginePics/Pages/Engine_Disassembly.html
Secondary Air SystemPics/Pages/Secondary_Air_System.html
  1. BulletUPDATED 03-23-10

Valve Job on Cyl. 1-3Pics/Pages/Valve_Job_on_Cyl._1-3.html
Valve Job on Cyl. 4-6Pics/Pages/Valve_Job_on_Cyl.4-6.html
Install Head 1-3Pics/Pages/Install_Head_1-3.html
Remove Head 1-3Pics/Pages/Remove_Head_1-3.html
Oil PanPics/Pages/Oil_Pan.html
Install Head 4-6Pics/Pages/Install_Head_4-6.html
New Secondary Air SystemPics/Pages/NEW_Secondary_Air_System.html
Reassembling the EnginePics/Pages/Engine_Assembly.html
Reinstaling the EnginePics/Pages/Engine_Install.html